Echographe XBit 80

Fabricant : CHISON

Advanced healthcare at your fingertips. Automatically measure: BPD, HC, AC, FL, NT. Efficiency and accuracy. Elastography

•Display the elasticity of different tissues in different color.

•Provide more clinical information, especially for breast tumor, thyroid,liver and prostate , including linear, convex, transvaginal probe.

•Strain ratio measurement quantitatively gives the ratio between the average strain of the selected region and of the nearby normal tissue region.

•P-SWE point shear wave imaging, high precision singlepoint measurement, higher penetration.

•2D-SWE surface shear wave imaging, real-time two-dimensional measurement to obtain more diagnostic information.

•The system can provide variety of quantitative analysis parameters,such as velocity values, Young’s modulus and so on